The Headless

The idea of the project The Headless started with the reflection on the woman’s body in all its forms, as an aesthetic simulacrum or as focus of media interests, as the main subject and, at the same time, object in our current communities.
The Headless represent women’s bodies scarred by traumatic events and diseases, aware of the fact that currently, we experience a void, an intrinsic inability in the contemporary collective consciousness of giving back an image to these bodies that were ill and became reborn.

Impulsive, mindless, carefree, thoughtless and reluctant to rules, in one word: “headless”. The women represented by Eleonora Santanni, with the photographic support of Serena Gallorini, elaborate a new vision of themselves through an image of great emotional and visual impact, along with irony and wit.
The Headless encourage to abandon fear and ideal aesthetic models, to destroy social constructs, to step through the door in order to open up completely and be free to regain one’s own femininity.

The Headless realized by Santanni and Gallorini go beyond current aesthetic standards and can be described as “Contemporary Venuses” able to show their scars as badges of honor, as symbols of the successful fight for life, love, and beauty.

Headless In The Room
30 x 30 x 45 cm

Combinable installation of two headless female paper figures covered with aluminum and painted with acrylic colors. Cube with only four mirrored surfaces. Prototypes of The Headless realized in big dimensions containing paper of gossip and fashion magazines which are visible from the pages showing from the cuts on the breasts. The Headless are guided by the instinct of self-discovery and collide with the stereotyped, objectified representation of the female universe.


Blast Wave
Print on paper and plexiglas
103 x 75 x 20 cm

Blast Wave is an installation whose main character is the photography by Serena Gallorini. The photography of the woman’s scarred and headless body is interpreted by Santanni. There are two examples: one is printed behind Plexiglas, the other one “a vivo” is positioned with spacers at a
distance of 30 cm from the previous one as if it was floating in the air. The photo a vivo was broken by the artist with a firm act deriving from the desire of rebirth and freedom of the women from contemporary stereotypes.

print on acetate, linen, lipstick Dior and wood
25 x 36 x 6 cm

The artist draws on her body an imaginary scar with the lipstick. Serena Gallorini’s picture becomes alive in the transparency of the acetate through a thick net of linen threads. The study in small dimensions with the photo in wooden rods shows how the picture of the image of the body is the topic of the artwork itself.

Lemon Slices
Collage of printed paper with multicolor toner and acrylic on canvas
104 x 127 cm

Fette di Limone racconta il corpo della donna segnato da eventi traumatici e dalla malattia, sublimato in una rinascita gioiosa e catartica.
In the current social representation we experience a void, an intrinsic inability in the contemporary collective consciousness of giving back an image to these bodies that overcome the ideal aesthetic and artificial model celebrated today. Lemon Slices describes the woman’s body scarred by traumatic events and diseases, sublimated into a joyful and cathartic rebirth.

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